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A veteran superstar 1975-2012

Merrow Farmer pictured in 2009 aged 34-Farmer was part of my life since he was 4- he taught me so much- particularly how to get back on after being bucked off! He was put to sleep in December 2012 aged 37 1/2 but had been eating well and cantering around the field even up to the very end when he lost the use of his hind legs. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him

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Clinic Links

C linics can be booked directly with me

Equivisions satellite clinics- contact Julie Geraghty


The Neuromechanics Academy Assessment Clinics, plans and support

also see Rider Reboot page on Facebook 

BD judge training is accessed via Judge portal (members only ) on BD website


Brook Farm TC online bookings


EEFDG membership for clinics


Other Useful Links

British Dressage (BD)

Judge training 

Ian Barr photography:!/IanBarrImages

SBM photography

Video dressage competitions;

NLP training

Horse Hero- training video subscription service

Dressage horse radio podcasts

Balance wheel

Massage & Passive stretching for horses; &

Neuromechanics academy

Horse & Rider assessemnt

Franklin methodology


If you would like to see a Think Equestrian lesson in action, there is a Masterclass in Your Horse Magazine July 2015 issue with client Sarah Fitzgerald on getting your horse's attention


in pursuit of Excellence by Terry Orlick

Mistakes Worth Making by Susan Halden-Brown

A Sports Psychology Workbook for riders by Ann S Reilly

The NLP Coach: A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Well-being and Professional Success by Ian McDermott & Wendy Jago

The Inner Game of Tennis (and of Golf & Work) Timothy Gallwey

Schooling Problems Solved with NLP And also Solo Schooling by Wendy Jago

Principles of Riding & Advanced Techniques of Riding - the official Handbooks of the German Equestrian Federation

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