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Neuromechanics Workshop: How to improve your symmetry, Riding Technique & Relieve Pain

Sunday 21st February 4-6pm Dressage Riders (with Kim Ratcliffe)

Sunday 28th February 4-6pm Showjumping Riders (with Mia Palles Clark)

Sunday 7th March 4-6pm Showjumping Coaches (with Mia Palles Clark)

Sunday 14th March 4-6pm Dressage Riders (with Kim Ratcliffe)

Sunday 21st  March 4-6pm Junior Showjumping Riders 11-15 (with Mia Palles Clark)

Sunday 28th February 4-6pm Showjumping Riders (with Mia Palles Clark)

Monday 26th April 7-9pm Leisure Riders (with Kim Ratcliffe)

Zoom Workshops

Empower yourself via simple assessments and drills to perform to your potential, ride efficiently, assist rather than hinder your horse and control your body optimally. Workshops £35 from March. 

sign up for  a workshop and you can access all of the 10 weekly Rider exercise classes free until the end of the month. All classes are on zoom and are available live or on demand, From March onwards classes will be available for only £12 per month.  In addition there is a 90 day programme for Riders also available see the website for more details

Our Equestrian Neuromechanics Workshops focus the rider and coach to understand and overcome;

1.Chronic Pain

2.Reoccurring Injuries

3.Balance Issues

4.Technical Barriers

The 2 hour rider workshop will assess the following and give you a personalised programme to resolve any dysfunction and compensations;

1.Pelvic Function

2.Spinal Stability

3.Shoulder Function

4.Focus & Vision

5.Posture & Balance

6.Joint Mobility & Coordination

7.Technique Learning

The Coach version of this workshop is designed for equestrian professionals to understand the science behind the assessments and solutions. If you are a coach who rides- there would be benefit in attending both workshops.

About the Hosts

David Sanders Founder of the Neuromechanics Academy& Sports Scientist

BSC(Hons) Sports Science, NASM Certified Personal Trainer,NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

Kim Ratcliffe Dressage Coach & Judge

British Dressage (BD) UKCC Level 3 coach/trainer, BD List 1 dressage judge & National Para judge, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Radio Nationals  commentary team

Mia Palles-Clark Showjumping Coach & Educator

British showjumping UKCC level 3 coach, UKCC coach educator, UKCC level 3 Mentor, British showjumping coach of the year 2017,British Showjumping Academy Lead Coach

See   for details on courses, workshops and online/ondemand classes