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Hilary French and Elvis have secured a Wild Card for the 2017 Bronze Adv Med Pet Plan championships in their first season at the level and came 11th despite one mistake. They also came 4th in the Regional Winter Championships 2017 in Advanced Medium Silver. In2015 they  qualified at Elementary level for the Summer National BD Championships 2015 and were 3rd overall in the Eastern inter- County team event 2015 at Elementary level and were 5th in the Summer Regionals at the Medium level with 68%  They have also ridden their first Advanced Test scoring 68%and have qualified for the Area Festival first Round at PSG level with scores of 62-65%. Brilliant results considering neither of them have ever competed at the level before

Sofie Butchart and the stunning mare Royalty won the Medium Silver Area Festival at Brook Farm and were 2nd in the Advanced Medium Silver Area Festival at Houghton Hall qualifying 2 AF finals in 2017 all this less than 6 months into their relationship. Through illness Sofie was  unable to compete at the Winter Regionals despite qualifying but they were placed at Hartpury in the Medium Area Festival

Linda Fisher & Finjo qualified for the 2017 Winter regionals in the music classes at Novice and elementary level and achieved their first Regional rosette with 8th place in the latter class. They also qualified for the same classes in 2016. They have had a good start to their career at Medium level with an impressive 65%. They achieved 10th place with 66% in the Brook Farm 2016 Novice Silver area festival and also qualified for the Elementary area festival.

Emma Dance and Arvorek Pilgrim (Quinn) have had a very successful year. They were 4th and highest placed amateur rider in the Winter national Preliminary final, they won their Preliminary class at the Native Breeds BD championships, Won the Preliminary class and were part of the winning London team at the Eastern Inter County event in 2016

Kathy Bruce and Frydendals Delano  qualified for the Elementary Open & Medium Restricted Pet Plan Area Festival Finals at Hartpury in 2016 . They also competed in the Medium Winter Regional Championships in 2016 . They have qualified for the Medium Summer regionals and have qualified for the 2017 Regional Music championships at Medium level with a Think Equestrian/Equivisions package

Penny Lock with her lovely mare Crazy LAs Baby, who she bought from a showjumping career and who was in the London Inter County dressage team in 2016. They also qualified for the Winter Regionals 2017 and were 3rd in the Elementary silver freestyleand 5th in the Novice Freestyle Regionals. They have qualified for Elem and Medium Freestyle for Winter Regionals 2018. She also has a young horse, Woodcroft Fifty Fifty (Hugo) who  qualified Novice Freestyle Regionals this year as a 4 year old. 

Pam Sellers and her mare Luci were successful at the 2016 Veteran Riders championships with 3rd place in the Medium and 6th in Elementary. They also competed in the 2016 Elementary music regionals and the Area Festival at Elementary and Medium level and rode in  the Inter-Regional Championships for Northern region

Claire Knowles  and her Knabstrupper stallion Pendragon of Independence (Pen)  were invited to present at the Aachen CHIO breed day and won the breed award after presenting their Advanced medium freestyle (as developed by Think Equestrian & Equivisions) in 2014. They  qualified for the Medium Open music Championships 2015, Summer regionals 2015 at Advanced Medium level  and won an Petplan Area Festival Prix St Georges & Intermediaire 1 to qualify for the 2016 finals and the  Advanced Medium Freestyle finals. Claire has also qualified for the Silver Medium National Summer championships on Corona S.  see Claire's facebook page!/pages/Knabstrupper-Pendragon-of-Independence/362069297478?fref=ts

Angela Fenn pictured with the wonderful miniature superstar Milo . They qualified for the 2016 Area Festival Preliminary Bronze and won their class at Brook Farm with over 71% .  Milo was also part of the London team that came 2nd at the 2016 Eastern Inter county championships and was individually 4th in the Preliminary class. Milo is a multi talented pony and is pictured out cubbing. They have also been selected for the Eastern Inter Regional team

Dressage to Music Floorplans

Congratulations to SallyAnne Hicks who won the 2017Medway Preliminary Music championship with an Equivisions/Think Equestrian package

Riders who qualified for the 2017 Regional music championships with Think Equestrian floor plans include Kathy Bruce (Medium) Jackie Shearer (Elementary) Abbie Davies (Novice) and Deborah Collins (Elementary & PSG) Jo Parkes (Novice) Anna Slosmanis (Medium) Abbie Davies (Novice)

Tina Atkins attended a Think Equestrian clinic at Houghton just 5 days before the Regional Championships with her own floor plan and music and after a revamp of the floor plan she secured 3rd place with 72.67% amd a wild card for the National championships

Linda Fisher rode to a Think Equestrian Floor plan and achieved 8th place in the Elementary Silver Regional class whilst Amy Bird rode to a Think Equestrian floorplan and Equivisions music and were 9th in the same class

Claire Knowles, used a floorplan previously devised by Think Equestrian for her stallion Pendragon for her ride on Corona S at the Medium Silver National freestyle final and secured a very impressive2nd place

More than 15  riders who had completed their floor plans with the help of Think Equestrian Satellite clinics and usually with Equivisions music, qualified for the 2016  & 2017 winter regional Championships. 

Julie Beckwith (restricted Medium) won the  Winter National Championship  2016 Class

Claire Knowles (Advanced Medium) & Jackie Shearer (Novice) also were successful in qualifying for the 2016 Winter National Championships 

Tahley Reeve-Smith, who uses music by Equivisions, called on Think Equestrian to make changes to her Medium and Prix St Georges floor plans before the Winter finals and came a very close 3rd in the PsG championship despite a small technical error 

Other Successes

Congratulations to Team London at the 2016 Eastern Regional Inter County Competition with teams placed 1st & 2nd of 21 teams and 9 individual placings. Team London are coached and selected by Kim Ratcliffe and Adam Smyth  and included Think Equestrian Clients Emma Dance, Angela Fenn and Penny Lock 

Congratulations to   Sarah-Jayne Bowers who was selected for their Regional team for the 2016 Inter Regional competition

Congratulations to Alice Wooton (winner of Medium restricted Pet Plan) and Lily Payne (5th Novice restricted championship) and Julia Wilkinson (10th Novice restricted Pet plan 2nd round/final) who received Think Equestrian help with their test and movement riding before the championships. Alice  also qualified for the Elementary Gold Summer championships scoring over 70% to come 11th.

Previous Clients:
Jo Parkes and Hamlets Harmony qualified for the Summer BD Championships 2015 at Preliminary level after having competed at the Pet Plan Area Festival finals in April 2015 and  were 4th in the  Novice Area Festivals in  2015. They also competed in the Winter Regional Championships at Novice level and came 12th in the Novice Summer Regionals at Silver level. They have also qualified for the Novice Music regionals in their first attempt at music with a Think Equestrian floorplan and qualified for the Elementary Area Festival 2016. They have now returned to Yorkshire and have been selected for the Northern Inter Regional team

Veronika Weithofer and  Ben stepped up to Medium level in 2015 and  made a superb start with a first time score of over 76% in an Affiliated Medium class. They rode their first ever Medium to Music test with a Think Equestrian floorplan and made their Advanced Medium debut.They were also the subject of a recent Your Horse Magazine photo shoot on my Brook Farm clinic and were featured in the December 2015 issue. They have now relocated to the United States of America for which we wish them great success although we will miss them.

Nicola Read returned to the competitive arena with her cheeky Chestnut mare Willow successfully in Trailblazers and unaffiliated competitions She also qualified for the National Ridden Heavy Horse Championships at Equifest with her Clydesdale, Gulshan (pictured) , who also trains with Think Equestrian. Both horses qualified for the Chiltern & Thames dressage championships and were placed 4th & 6th. She is also competing her sisters Shire and have recently competed in their first dressage scoring 3rd place in a massive prelim class. They have now relocated to Hampshire

Sadly Cheryl Jackson  has lost Indenteur who won the Trailblazers RoR championship twice  and had great success in Affiliated dressage due to an unidentified illness which debilitated him badly before Christmas 201 and he never returned from his stay at the RVC. Cheryl has a super new young horse to train on this year but "Dent" will never be forgotten


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